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The Budgie

The budgerigar, or Melopsittacus undulatus, is a small parakeet from Australia. It has a lifestan of around 10 years.

The cere, the part above their beak where their nostrils are, is beige for adult females and blue for adult males.

They can learn to talk, to imitate songs and to do tricks if they start at a young age, but males are easier to teach than females.

If sick, because they are preys in the wild, they tend to hide their symptoms until the illness is usually too advanced, so get to know their early signs of illness!

They need toys to stimulate their intelligent little brains; they also love to climb and males are known to like bobbing their head up and down, which is pretty fun. :)

They are usually not very touchy-feely, but if you start at a young age, some like gentle head scritches, and can even give you kisses!